I’ve come to the point, where I am, truly, sick – and – tired of the naive, holier – than – the-evil mentality that many employ to justify their personal/ political agenda and positions, and/or self – interest. When the newest of our Supreme Court Justices, refers herself being an Originalist in her explanation of her argument and judicial/legal principles, then we should be all extremely concerned! We live and exist, in a continuously changing global, national, and society, where numerous conditions today are far – different, as compared to when the Constitution was drafted nearly 250 years. Remember that, back then there was still legal slavery (which was in existence for around 100 years, afterwards) Women did not enjoy the same rights as the males ( All men are created equal, butnot, all people) And it wasn’t till the late 20th Century that women received the right, to vote! Guns, of that time, needed to be reloaded using a series of steps that required approximately two minutes to complete so how can anyone, visualize or envision or imagine guns of today? If some are wrapped up within this article, in the 2nd Amendment,claiming an absolute right to possess and carry a gun, they conveniently do not consider this right to carry arms ispredominantly, is a matter of State’s Rights, especially to create and establish a State Militia for protection against foreign influence or invasion. In this context, this article will try to briefly consider reviewing, examining, and then discuss the four blunders made up and articulated by these so called Originalists.

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1. Guns/ 2nd Amendment:How many more people will die as a result of our inability to take reasonable steps to tackle gun safety, and controlsand regulations? We have licensed drivers, and register cars, but there are no safety measures in the case of guns. The truth is that we are not able to use the 2nd Amendment, no matter what interpretation it takes doesn’t grant anyone the rights to possess and use any gun or weapon. What would anyone, including the Founding Fathers, have, ever imagined today’s weapons, especially, automatic, and semi-automatic guns which are described as Assault (military – class) rifles? Do you think common sense should require the rights of gun owners to conform, to overall, security and health requirements and priorities that are needed?

2. Women’s Rights:The Constitution has created a mechanism to allow for additional amendments, for instance, when necessary, and in the hope of having the Supreme Court, fairly, and in a way that is equal, has ruled on constitutionality and legalities! In the mid – 20th Century, Roe v Wade,was decided, granting women the right – to – select! It ought to have been legally binding and a right after all these years, but, those who are trying to change it, either because of an ideological, religious, or political viewpoint/ agenda, are also claiming that they have done so through this originalistinterpretation!

3. Constitutional guarantees:Doesn’t you find it odd, that people claim to be protecting the intention from the founding fathers (as if, only they truly understand, the thought – processes, etc) and, in the process, selectively call for the enforcement of specific aspects, while seemingly, trying to remove others! The freedom of Religion granted individuals, the freedom to follow, any religion, of their liking, and/ or none in the present, there are some, trying to convince us to think that we are living in an Christian State despite the fact that many of the founders were either agnostic or or, atheists!

4. States Rights:The same people, who demand States Rights, when it serves their purposes, often deny these, especially when it’s inconvenient!

Get up, America, and demand an amendment to the Constitution, which is an living document,based on fundamental democratic principles freedoms, rights and rights! We have to do it sooner, not later, or risk losing the nation’s identity!

Richard has owned and operated businesses and has served as COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally organised events, worked with thousands of leaders, conducted personal development workshops, and participated in political campaigns for over four decades. Rich has published three books and thousands of articles.

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